Themes by Madeleine
Are all these themes by you?
No, I edit all my themes. The original credit is under every post, and in the description of each theme preview.

Do you make custom themes?
Yes, I do, but you need to gain me a certain amount of followers, based on the type of theme you want.

Can I edit your themes for personal use?

Will you post the theme you have on your main blog?
If I get enough requests, yes, but it may be a little different.

How long does it take for you to edit a theme?
It really depends but usually a few hours.

-Insert Url Here- is stealing your themes!
Thank you so much for telling me.

*html questions*
You can ask me, but it may be difficult for me to explain so im sorry if you cant figure it out :c
+Theme 24 was put up!
+I'm in the process of making theme 25
+I will start making more themes now that I'm out of school
+I'm considering doing a thing where I make a theme every day for like a week

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